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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Treasure....

hmmm...i have been wondering,these past 21 years that i have spent,what have i done,what have i achieve,or do i really need to achieve it at all? i'm a person,with a very little talent.But,i like martial arts a lot.I spent time,energy,money,pain,blood to be what i am today.I know that i'm not that strong,but i know that i'm not weak either. One of the wonder that i can find by doing this things is,i can meet many people.i love to know and to get a good relationship with other people.

I appreciate every second that i spent with my friends,although i might not seem to show it.Knowing knowledge about the arts,makes my blood boils.I feel like i want to try my skills on someone.I'm glad and thankful that i learn a lot from moral story from martial artist that teaches us to respect others.There's always someone stronger.

For someone who boast about themselves and the things that they have.Death is a lesson for them,from god.Nobody can escape it.When we are born to this world,we are destined to die someday.

A knowledgeable muslim scholar said,"you only have one life to live.Do what you want to do,love whom you want to love,live in harmony,learn to appreciate live,learn to accept others and yourself the way they are.". 

i will and am continuing practising martial arts for the rest of my life,as it is one of the way that i can calm my mind,calm my self,and it is one of the time that i can become happy.

Health is a treasure...when you sick you will realize it,when you get better,you will learn to appreciate.I learn to appreciate from others,and from myself.